All about me and this page

My name is Mats and I´m from Sweden, Europe. I´m 48 years old and started collecting Mötley Crüe records/stuff around 1984. To collect Mötley Crüe records/stuff/see live shows is a type of life style, it´s sitting in your heart, really hard to explain...If you collect something you can collect all, or a part of it, or as I’m always saying....I focus on the records firstly! I have a lot of other stuff also like guitar pic´s, drummsticks, posters, books, press kits, photos, buttons....but it´s the records are NO 1. I rekon you see 75% of my collection on this page!

Why Mötley Crüe?

Well, the first time I heard the song "Live Wire" around 1983, I was totally sold on this band! My favorite album is Too Fast For Love, no question about it! The hunger, energy and passion the band had then...holy shit! Mötley Crüe has changed a lot since the Too Fast For Love album came out 1981 to Saints Of Los Angeles 2008, but that´s a cool thing about changing, why listen to what everyone else says....Mötley Crüe has never done that and never will word: RESPECT!!

Why a hompage?

It´s a good way for me to have a little bit of control of what records I have. Hopefully, could some of the info also help other collectors worldwide!

My Mötley Crüe concerts!

1986-02-25......Olympen, Lund, Sweden

1988.....Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden - Had tickets but show been cancelled!!

1988.....Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden - Had tickets but show been cancelled!!

1989-10-22......KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

1989-10-27......Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden

1989-10-28......Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden

2005-06-11.....Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg , Sweden

2007-06-05.....Globen, Stockholm, Sweden + Tommy Lee afterparty / DJ Gig at Berns Salonger, Stockholm

2007-06-06.....Spectrum, Oslo, Norway + Tommy Lee afterparty / DJ Gig at Cosmo Nightclub, Oslo

2009-06-10.....KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark + Mötley Crüe after Party, The Rock, Copenhagen

2009-06-25.....Peace & Love Festival, Borlänge, Sweden

2010-08-07.....Sonisphere Festival, Stora Skuggan Park, Stockholm, Sweden

2011-12-14.....Wembley Arena, London, England

2012-06-09.....Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg , Sweden

2013-09-28......The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

2013-09-29......The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

2014-10-28......Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

2015-06-05......Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg , Sweden

2015-11-16......Globen Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden

2015-12-30......Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

2015-12-31......Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

I want to thank a lot of people who helped me/supported me through the years:

The Band: Mötley Crüe

Members: Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars

Ex Members: John Corabi, Samantha Maloney, Randy Castillo, Morten Foldrup(DK), Tommy Lee Foldrup(DK), Carla, Glenni, Eva, Helena, Tina, Daniel, Thess, Michael and Diane, Jenny, Bernhard, Paula, Gummi, Maria, Alan, Kristoffer, Konrad, Ljung, Jonas, Tommy, Rikard o Roger.......bröderna brothers...!!!, Johan Silow, Peter o Mats Nilsson, Magnus (MFF), Matti Andersson, Micke (RECORDHEAVEN), Micke (DEBASE), Hårdrocks skiftet på jobb, Stefan Kumlien, Stefan Lööf, Lars Nilsson, Thomas, Brigitte, Freddy, Urs....and all the other Switzerland maniacs I have meet there, Nikki Derbyshire (DK), Jamie (CANADA), Alan (CANADA), Robert (USA), Robert (USA, thanks for helping me with the Original Leathur Records press kit from 1981!), Tony Martucchi (USA), Donald Sprauge (USA), Phil (USA), Amanda (USA), Brandon Lee (USA), Heather (USA), Stuart Goz (USA), Dustin (USA), Kenny (USA), Carl Trott (ENGLAND), Tim Fisher (USA), Steve (USA), Alexander (GERMANY), Jamie (ENGLAND), Diego (Brazil), Heidi (FINLAND), - the collest Mötley Crüe cover band.

I have probaly forgot someone now....sorry for that.....

Special thanks to:

My little sister and my girlfreind for joining me to Las Vegas 2013.

Morten rock dude! Or should I say...Brother in crime...!

Matti Andersson - Wembley Arena, London 2011!!

Annika Larsson och Ulrika Frödeland..we meet everythere!

Michael and Diane....Thanks for showing me L.A and all the cool clubs in mid 90`s....memory for life!

Tommy(dk), we end this thing our way, could not turned out better! Thanks bro!!

Dan Lindeberg....thanks for ALL help with my new site!!

In the future:

Will I quit collecting? Well lately I have thought about we will see what happens! I have been contacted by at least 4-5 collectors worldwide who are intrested in my stuff, IF I quit collecting, but as I said IF it will happend I will not promise anyone anything! In the end it´s always the money which´s talking and it will probaly do the same thing this time... As a seller you always want as much as you can so it’s nothing special about that.

Take a look at my new updated page and enjoy!


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