Trading rules

* I will NOT sell any of my shows....they are for trading only.

* I will NOT copy any official stuff....go and bay them yourself!

* If you have a show I don´t have listed I will probaly have it, CONTACT ME!

* If you contact me first, you send first. If I contact you first, I will send first.

(It is insulting to be asked to send first when you didnt trust me in the first place why would you e-mail me to set up a trade? I'm personally offended if i get asked this question. I have traded bootlegs for many years......I'm an honest person. I wont rip anyone off, never have, never will. I have my refrences if you are skeptical. So if you e-mail me, you have to send first. THIS IS ONLY TO ESTABLISH TRUST. After that we can send at the same time.)

* NO mp3 trading....don´t even ask about it!

* About mp3 trading.....To all the "new" traders....WHO WANTS EVERYTHING FOR FREE....... I only say: you can't expect anyone to do anything..... just because someone is a doesn't mean they have to share their stuff.....I know for SURE that i didn't spend all of these years trading and buying through the mail to just give my shit away to everyone for free..... call me an asshole if you like, but FUCK THAT!!!!! I DON´T CARE!!!!! I didn't collect for the past 12-15 years to post my shit for free.... and someone get my entire collection in a day or so......... i don't mind posting a show or a few online..(no mp3 of course)....but to post my entire collection...u gotta be out of your mind!!! As I me ASSHOLE OR A GREEDY FUCKER.... if you want......but remember....In the end I still have so MANY show you miss........:).....And I still have my "OLD" trading freinds left....!!!!!

* Discs must be recorded Disc-at-Once.

* If a disc has got two second gaps in it, please let me know.

* I send out discs only in sleeves, not jewel cases.

* Trades DO NOT have to include artwork.

* If you ripp me off.... I can tell you for sure that I will post your name and address..... not just on my hompage....

* DVD´S.......please check them before they will play!

* VHS....Sorry no trading!


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